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  • Frequent Traveler Card holders get to check in for the BlueTrain to Sylt quickly and conveniently with our friendly service team!
  • You always pay the low Frequent traveler rate. Frequent Traveler Card holder prices can be found here.
  • You don’t pay for your ride(s) until the end of the month (on account or by SEPA direct debit)
  • You receive a transparent invoice with a detailed overview of your rides.
  • You no longer pay in advance for 10-Ride cards, but are automatically credited for the discount after 10 rides within twelve months.


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More questions and answers about Frequent Traveler Cards can be found here:

    • Your Frequent Traveler Card is free of charge.

    • As a Frequent Travelers, you always travel at the low 10-Ride Card rate. All the trips purchased by a Frequent Traveler Card holder at the terminal and online are automatically recorded and added up in the Frequent Traveler Card holder’s account in such a way that after ten trips within twelve months (round-trip ticket counts as two trips), the respective difference is credited to the Frequent Traveler Card holder account for all trips with a fare higher than the reduced rate of the 10-Ride Card, irrespective of the vehicle. Any reservation fee for online tickets is not affected by this.

    • We will mail your Frequent Traveler Card to you at the address you specify, within a few days after you have submitted the necessary documents.

      If you wish, we can also deposit your card at the terminal for you. In this case, you receive your Frequent Traveler Card directly when you purchase your ticket at our sales container, and immediately enjoy all Frequent Traveler Card holder benefits.

    • The Frequent Traveler Card contains all information that is relevant for using the card (address[es], vehicle data, bank details if applicable) in electronic form.

      Your first name, last name, license plate number, and customer number are printed on the Frequent Traveler Card. Frequent Traveler Cards for Islanders are labeled accordingly.

    •  If you wish to apply for a Frequent Traveler Card at the Islander rate, the conditions of Price Category S of our CarTrain to Sylt rate must be met, and you must submit proof of this (see here).

      The required proof includes a copy of your vehicle registration papers / your vehicle license, Part 1 registered to Sylt or a town on Sylt

      • for natural persons: a copy of the German ID card or a confirmation from the residents’ registration office, not older than 1 year, showing Sylt as your primary place of residence. If you are doing your voluntary social year on Sylt, a certificate from the place of employment will be accepted as proof. If the driver is not the owner of the vehicle, proof must be provided that the motor vehicle has been made available by the owner for permanent use, e.g. a personally allocated company car.
      • for commercial enterprises, a certificate of the Sylter Ordnungsamt (Sylt public order office/registry agency) issued within the past 3 years, showing that the business is based on Sylt. Please make sure you know the special conditions for Business Customers before applying. Just send an email to
      • for non-profit associations, proof of tax privilege due to non-profit status, showing a registered office on Sylt.
    • If you have any further questions or concerns about Frequent Traveler Cards, please send an email to


    • Jeder Stammkunde, der online ein Ticket mit Reservierung gebucht hat, erhält bei einer verspäteten Ankunft des reservierten Zuges von 30 Minuten oder mehr ohne Nachweisaufwand direkt per E-Mail einen 10 € Gutschein*.

      Weitere Informationen zum Thema Pünktlichkeitsgarantie finden Sie unter

      *es gelten Einschränkungen. Die vollständigen Geschäftsbedingungen finden Sie auf:


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