The BlueTrain to Sylt at Your Service

Safety and Passenger Rights

It is very important to us to provide the best possible service to you before, during and after your trip.

We have therefore compiled all the key information about your ride on the BlueTrain to Sylt for you right here.

Safety and Passenger Rights
    • Please drive at walking speed when driving your vehicle onto and off the train. Please pay attention to the BlueTrain to Sylt staff. If you have received a special loading ID from the BlueTrain to Sylt service team, please place it on the inside of your vehicle’s windscreen, making sure it is clearly visible.

      When you have reached your assigned slot space on the BlueTrain to Sylt, please turn off the engine, shift into first gear for manual-shift vehicles, or select the parking setting P in automatic cars - for safety’s sake, please also apply the parking brake. Do not allow the steering wheel lock to engage, and switch off your vehicle’s lights.

      During the entire crossing, you must remain seated inside your vehicle with your seat belt fastened. Before and during the crossing, passengers will be kept informed about the latest travel information via the loudspeakers on the BlueTrain. ONLY IN AN EMERGENCY (misuse is punishable), please pull the red emergency brake cable next to your driver’s window – our train staff will respond immediately.

      For certain vehicles and at certain wind speeds, the vehicles must be lashed down due to safety regulations. The driver is responsible for lashing the vehicle down, and the Service Team staff can help if required. No liability will be assumed for damage to the vehicle [caused by improper lashing-down].

      Roof boxes, roof and rear racks must be firmly mounted and secured for transport against the usual direction of travel.

    • Did something not work out so well? We very much regret that you experienced inconvenience in connection with your ride on the BlueTrain. Here you have the opportunity to assert your passenger rights.

      You can complete and submit the refund form directly online.

    • Did you incur or cause any damage in connection with our BlueTrain?

      If there is damage to your vehicle, or if you caused damage to the train with your vehicle, please inform the loading staff passing by the vehicle during loading or unloading – without leaving your car. In the interests of on-time processing, the written report will not be made in full on the train, but afterwards, using a form and at your leisure/convenience.

      If you have suffered damages caused by our BlueTrain, please report it to us by completely filling out the Damage Report form (Form is in German).

      For further questions, please contact our Customer Center:

    • We greatly regret any inconveniences you may have incurred during your journey with the BlueTrain to Sylt. Were there any disruptions, and did we fail to get you to your destination on time?

      Your concern and your satisfaction are important to us. Your inquiries will be answered by us and our partners competently, in a customer-focused way, and as quickly as possible. Even so, there may occasionally be differences of opinion – which is why we are a member of the SÖP (Arbitration Board for Local Public Passenger Transport).

      You may contact them if you are not satisfied with our response to your complaint. As a consumer arbitration board recognized by Germany’s Federal Government, the SÖP will examine your request and draw up - free of charge for you – a recommendation for settling the matter amicably and out-of-court.

      söp_Schlichtungsstelle für den öffentlichen Personenverkehr
      Fasanenstraße 81
      10623 Berlin

      From September onward,  the federal railway authority may as well assists in achieving your passenger rights.

      Passenger rights
      Heinemannstraße 6
      53175 Bonn
      Phone: +49 22 8 / 98 26 - 0