Carriage of Trucks

The BlueTrain to Sylt transports trucks of a maximum length of 20.50 m, max. height 4.05 m, max. width 2.86 m (*),  and max. weight of 50 t to the island and back.

(*) for vehicles with a ground clearance up to 1.54 m, max. width 2.60 m; for vehicles with a ground clearance between 1.55 m and 4.05 m, max. width is 2.86 m.

Modern Transporter Wagons

LKW AZS lowres 08

The BlueTrain to Sylt offers truck drivers a particularly comfortable ride getting on and off our train and during the crossing. Our brand new transporter railcars are designed to meet the special needs of truck and haulage traffic to the island of Sylt and have the following special advantages:

  • much larger on- and off-ramp for easy loading and unloading
  • no buffers used during loading
  • stable, comfortable ride dynamics
  • latest safety standards
  • built in 2019
Special Offers for Frequent Business Drivers
Business Customers

Business Customers

Did you know? The BlueTrain to Sylt now offers up to 22 trips a day – with attractive loading deadlines for Business Customers as well.
Do You Transport Hazardous Goods?
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Hazardous Goods Transport

If your vehicle transports hazardous goods in accordance with Germany’s Regulations for the Conveyance of Hazardous Goods by Road, Rail and Inland Navigation (GGVSEB), special...