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Welcome to the BlueTrain to Sylt. Since Fall of 2016, we have transported travelers to the island of Sylt and back, quickly and safely, in their vehicles, at a favorable all-in-one price that covers all passengers and luggage. As a Sylt company based in Westerland, we offer our passengers a friendly alternative to the DB Group featuring personal check-in and a clear view of the Wadden Sea from our modern flatcars. Two brand-new, bright blue locomotives affectionately known as “Debbie” and “Anne” reliably pull our two blue trains to Sylt and back. Quietly, economically, and reliably – that is our promise to the island of Sylt and its guests.

Passengers check in and board our train at the loading terminals in Niebüll and Westerland. Address: Kurt-Bachmann-Ring 2, 25889 Niebüll, Lanes 9 to 11, and Industrieweg 16, D-25980 Sylt, Lane 7+8. During the 35-minute crossing, you remain comfortably seated in your vehicle. Click here for pointers on how to get to the terminals.

Tickets: You can buy tickets from our friendly service team right in our loading lanes at the loading terminals (cash or EC/credit card).

Prices: Our regular rate is much more reasonable than our competitor’s: We’ll take you to the island for €68, or let your return for €120.  Travelers not traveling at the weekend can use the inexpensive DiMiDo ticket (return ticket €100) if both journeys are during the week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. Click here to discover all our prices.

Frequent Traveler Cards for all: Our free Frequent Traveler Card lets you travel at the favorable “DiMiDo rate” (applies Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) on any weekday. Simply apply for your free Frequent Traveler Card here and start saving on your very first trip: Frequent Traveler Card for the BlueTrain to Sylt

Island residents: As a Sylt resident with proof of entitlement (according to our conditions of carriage), you are eligible for attractive special discounts.

Vehicles: We transport cars, SUVs, vans, vehicles with trailers, trucks, buses and caravans up to a maximum height of 4.05 m, a maximum width of 2.86 m, a maximum length of 20.50 m, a maximum weight of 50.0 t and a ground clearance of at least 10 centimeters.

Jobs: If you are interested in working for the BlueTrain to Sylt, please feel free to send us your unsolicited application at any time. You will also find any vacancies in the “Jobs” section of this website.

Three good reasons:

Bring On the Heavies!

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The BlueTrain to Sylt also transports heavy trucks, buses and vehicles with trailers and caravans to the island and back, up to 26 times a day. New, modern transporter wagons with particularly large on-ramps onto the train and comfortable, smooth ride dynamics ensure a relaxed passage even with large vehicles. We always transport you in a fast, safe, and friendly manner at favorable prices. At convenient times and favorable terms, including for shipping companies and business customers. Contact our sales department today at to reserve your spot on the train. Further information for trucks, trailers, caravans, buses, and mobile homes can be found here.

Our new ALPEN-SYLT night train

Travel via night train

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You would like to travel with our ALPEN-SYLT night train  from Sylt to Salzburg or Basel (and return)? 

Info and booking „ALPEN-SYLT night train“

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Commuter Customers

The blue CarTrain to Sylt offers all Sylt Commuters the possibility to reach your work place quickly and conveniently while avoiding crowded passenger trains or transporters.
Live: Loading terminal Niebüll and Westerland/Sylt
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Webcams – Stay relaxed.

See the current traffic in Niebüll and Westerland.
Frequent traveler?
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For everyone who loves Sylt!

Whether for a holiday, a weekend getaway, business, or a day trip – the BlueTrain to Sylt takes you safely and quickly from the mainland to the island and back, in your vehicle. Frequent travelers, islanders, and anyone who loves Sylt enjoy especially low prices when they travel with us.

“Sylt? Enjoy!” – Love, Peace, Rock’n Roll: the BlueTrain to Sylt