Happy Camping on Sylt

We make sure you enjoy a completely relaxed journey to the island and back with your caravan at extremely favorable prices.

Transporting a caravan up to 10 meters total length costs €150; up to a total length of 15 meters, it costs €220 (total price for outward and return journey).

PLEASE NOTE: To offer you this great price, we need to see your current booking confirmation for a camping site on Sylt. Please present it to us at our check-in at the Niebüll loading terminal (Lanes 9-11).

Without the booking confirmation, we will of course transport you, but at the regular fare that applies for your vehicle.

In exceptional cases and with good reason, we will also grant you the special conditions retrospectively if you submit the valid booking confirmation or invoice for your Sylt campsite in conjunction with our refund application at our customer center in Westerland.

Vehicles up to 6 m in length, 2.70 m in height and a permissible total weight up to 3 t are carried by us – without booking confirmation – at a price of €100 (return journey).

Safety Regulations

Caravans are to be secured on the BlueTrain to Sylt using tension straps, which are attached to the trailer at suitable fastening points. The vehicle driver is required to identify the corresponding fastening points on their vehicle on request. If there are no appropriate fastening points for lashing down the vehicle with tension straps, or none can be designated by the vehicle driver, carriage of the vehicle is not possible.

Please ensure that all safety precautions have been taken on your vehicle before the train’s departure:

  • Lock/secure the sunroof, all flaps, skylights, ventilation windows, and doors, and retract antennas.
  • Secure any antennas that are permanently affixed to the vehicle, such as satellite antennas.
  • Do not operate any devices that cause antennas to extend.
  • Fasten the mandatory seat belts and remain seated in your vehicle with your seat belt fastened during the crossing.
  • Secure and supervise children in your vehicle.
  • Before driving, secure or remove wind deflectors, external blinds and any antennas that are not permanently affixed/mounted.
  • Ensure sufficient frost protection.
  • Do not remain inside mobile homes or trailers!

Please also note that you are liable for your vehicle’s load.

Carriage of Caravans and Minibuses with Compressed-gas Cylinders

Caravans and minibuses equipped with corresponding ports/connections may carry compressed-gas cylinders containing the gases listed in the Annex to GGVSEB in Part 2 of RID, subsection, classification code 2 F (e.g. butane, propane), under the following conditions:

  • The contents per bottle must not exceed 11 kg.
  • There may be no more than 2 cylinders in one vehicle.
  • All unconnected compressed-gas cylinders must be closed during passage and secured by means of a cap nut and protective cap.
  • Both pressurized gas cylinders must be secured with a bracket.

It is not necessary to carry accompanying documents. However, please observe other relevant safety regulations, in particular the operating instructions for your vehicle or its equipment.

The Seven Campsites on Sylt

The island of Sylt has a total of seven campsites between Hörnum and Kampen, Westerland and Morsum. We recommend booking a pitch early.


Rantum Campsite
Hörnumer Straße 3
25980 Sylt/ Rantum district
Email: info@camping-rantum.de
+49 (0)4651-80755

Westerland Campsite
Rantumer Straße
25980 Sylt/ Westerland district
Email: info@duenen-camping.de
+49 (0)4651-836160

Wenningstedt Camp Campsite
Am Dorfteich
25996 Wenningstedt
Email: camp@wenningstedt.de
+49 (0)4651 944004

Südhörn Campsite
Ziegeleiweg 18
25980 Sylt/ Tinnum district
Email: info@insel-camping-sylt.de
Phone: +49 (0)4651 3607

Kampen Campsite
Möwenweg 4
25999 Kampen
Email: order@campen-in-kampen.de
Phone: +49  (0)4651 42086

Mühlenhof Campsite
Melnstich 7
25980 Sylt/ Morsum district
Email: muehlenhof-morsum@t-online.de
Phone: +49 (0)4651 890444

Hörnum Campsite
Rantumer Straße
25997 Hörnum
Email: info@hoernum.de
Phone: +49 (0)4651 8358431

Special Case: Mobile Homes

The BlueTrain to Sylt is happy to carry smaller mobile homes (also with roof hatches) with a max. length of 6 m, max. height 2.70 m, max. width 2.20 m and max. 3 t total weight, facing forwards on its trains.

At this time, larger mobile homes with roof hatches or panoramic roofs are still excluded from car-train carriage. There is a risk that these parts could come loose against the direction of travel during the crossing and thus endanger third parties. We apologize for any inconvenience and recommend the Sylt ferry between Rømø/Denmark and List/Sylt (www.syltfaehre.de/en) for large mobile homes.

The BlueTrain to Sylt is in contact with vehicle manufacturers, motorhome owners and the DB infrastructure in order to jointly develop solutions for the safe transport of large mobile homes too in future. We will inform you as soon as this should become possible.