The BlueTrain to Sylt takes you safely and quickly to Sylt or back to the mainland – up to 26 times a day in summer, seven days a week.

All times in the schedule refer to the close of loading, i.e. the latest time for checking in at the Niebüll or Westerland/Sylt loading terminals. The scheduled departure of the train is 10 minutes later. The journey time from Niebüll to Westerland/Sylt is 35 minutes. It takes 45 minutes from the close of loading to the train’s arrival at its destination.

You can buy your ticket in the waiting lanes at the loading terminals in Niebüll (Lanes 9-11) and Westerland (Lane 7+8) – from our friendly service team, without leaving  your vehicle.

Advantage of the BlueTrain to Sylt: We transport you on the train you check in for. There are no hidden waiting times for available trains after check-in. So you can reliably plan your arrival even during peak traffic times.

Timetable 06.03.2021
BlueTrain loading terminal
Close of loading
  • 06:05
  • 08:35
  • 10:05
  • 11:05
  • 12:35
  • 14:05
  • 15:05
  • 16:35
BlueTrain loading terminal
Close of loading
  • 07:30
  • 08:30
  • 10:00
  • 11:30
  • 12:30
  • 14:00
  • 15:30
  • 16:30