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Travel tips

The BlueTrain to Sylt runs between the loading terminals in Niebüll (North Frisia) and Westerland on Sylt.

Please enter the address below into your vehicle’s navigation device. Or follow the road signs with the black-and-white train symbol.

On the terminal grounds, there are two providers for train transport for vehicles to Sylt.

You will find our BlueTrain to Sylt in Niebüll directly on the right at the terminal entrance, check in on Lanes 9-11. In Westerland, please turn left directly at the terminal entrance, onto Lane 1+2. Our friendly service team awaits you at the waiting lanes and will personally check you in, quickly and conveniently, without your leaving your vehicle.


Address for navigation devices

Address Niebüll Loading Terminal

Kurt-Bachmann-Ring 2
D- 25899 Niebüll

Check-in on the right at the terminal entrance, Lanes 9 - 11

Address for navigation devices

Westerland/Sylt Loading Terminal

Industrieweg 18
D- 25890 Westerland/Sylt

Check-in on the right at the terminal entrance, Lanes 1+ 2.

Live von den Terminals
Terminal Niebüll Drohne

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